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Training with a personal instructor gives you the best chance of success; interaction, commitment and motivation are kept to a maximum. I train people in the Maidenhead area. I can come to your home or we can train in the outdoors, or in my all-weather garden room, depending on your goals. There are many lovely spots by the Thames to train which really enhance your experience. I am happy to travel within a 10-mile radius of Taplow.

Prices: £40/session (1 hour), £220 for 6 sessions, £350 for 10 sessions
(Please note a minimum of 24hrs is required for cancellation or rescheduling of Personal Training sessions)

There is an initial one-hour consultation, which is free, where I take your details, we discuss you and your goals. I will also take your blood pressure, and discuss your history with exercise and any injuries you may have had.

Leggup to Running: Approximately 6 week course on Thursdays, each side of half term, for those wanting to start running.

Price: £3.50/session Stretching techniques taught, fun and games on the way. 9.40am- 10.15am - various routes

personal training

I run outdoor circuit classes in Taplow, Monday and Friday mornings. These are for all abilities including beginners where I will ensure you are put at ease and will not feel out of your depth. You just need to contact me prior to joining a class as I will need some details from you.

Prices: £60 for 10 sessions, prepaid, or £7 for one-off sessions


Circuit training is an overall training session. Cardio-vascular, strength/endurance, flexibility and co-ordination.  It is often perceived, incorrectly, as only for the fit, (due to bootcamp style workouts) but circuits are brilliant for any level, even for the very beginner. They consist of various work stations which are set out according to ability.

Most importantly circuits are fun, social and get you fit.

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