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“I have been a client of Caroline's for over four years. In my first year I hit my target of losing 12kg and have managed to keep to my new weight since then. More importantly, Caroline has given me a real passion for fitness and for leading a healthier lifestyle. As well as regularly running 10km races, I have also taken up cycling and recently completed a 460km ride from Vietnam to Cambodia. It is a pleasure to work with Caroline as she understands her clients’ individual needs and creates a programme tailored to ensure you meet your goals."


"I have been seeing Caroline for over a year now and I think she is amazing. She is brilliant at balancing the three important elements of a coach which is to challenge, motivate and affirm. Without question she has changed my life for the better and I can't recommend her highly enough."


“After month’s (maybe years) of wanting to join Caroline’s circuit classes but not having the confidence to do so (I have serious body issues!) I finally joined in Sept 2014 and I love it! I quickly increased from one session per week to two sessions, and now it really is part of my weekly routine, that I cannot do without.  Aside from the fitness, it gives me a real confidence boost and I feel happy and motivated for the rest of the day!”


“I have always wanted to run but never felt I was able to until I met Caroline. When I first started exercising with her I could run no more than 100 yards without it being incredibly painful – last month I completed my first 10 mile run and will be running a half marathon later in the year.  Caroline’s enthusiasm, knowledge and gentle (sometimes not so gentle) coercion has made this possible for me; I seriously could not have done this without her.  I have recently started strength training with Caroline and my back problems, which I have suffered with for a number of years, are starting to improve already. Caroline’s personality, humour, enthusiasm, motivation and variation of exercises actually make working out with her a real pleasure and something I really look forward to.”


"Having known Caroline for many years, she is one of the most enthusiastic, dedicated and dynamic people I have met. She is motivational and fun and I know she will be a great personal trainer. I would be very happy to be trained by a person with all these qualities."

Fiona Lindsay-Courtney, International Rower

BSc(Hons) Physiotherapy, BSc(Med)(Hons) Exercise Science